Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday ~ Misty

 Today is Thankful Thursday and we give to you Misty.  Here, in her own Mom's words, is her story.  

Well I used to see her around outside and at the time I could not have pets so I told someone I knew about her and they took her in off the streets.  Then one day (when I could have pets) I opened my door and saw her outside chewing on a chicken bone.  It just broke my heart.  Come to find out the people that took her in came across their own problems and put her back out.  I was furious.  The first couple days she would want in my apartment to eat and to sleep and then want right back out but after a few days I just would not open the door for her anymore so she had to get used to be inside again.  I am thankful that I was able to rescue her…it really did my heart wonders to see her sleeping on a soft couch and eating good.  I have five cats but I have to admit there is something about her…a bond between the two of us that I do not share with any of the other cats.  I love them VERY VERY much though!!!

 As her Mom told me...Misty is her heart!


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