Monday, July 7, 2014

Miscellaneous Mondays ~ You Named Your Cat (Part 1)

You Named Your Cat (Part 1)

Flipper has splayed-out feet,
so hence he has his name.
Granite chases everything,
for wildlife that’s a shame!

Winston Bird and Samuel Peeps,
both have a British air.
Vienna sounds exotic,
and Djin Djin debonair.

Martini isn’t shaken,
and Squeak is not a mouse.
Mr McChew seems pretty apt
for most cats around the house.

Puddy and Sylvesta,
I’m sure would get along.
Gribble has a lovely ring,
and Lucky can’t be wrong!

Toast and Marmalade, a perfect pair,
Cheesecake is divine.
Mocha is a lovely shade,
with Candy who is fine.

To close this very first tribute,
I’ll end it with a few.
Mischief, Splotch, and Kelpie cat,
we’re waiting now for two!!!

(I am currently working on number four,so watch out to see if your cats name is mentioned)

Teresa Harrison-Best


  1. Replies
    1. yes...Teresa is very talented! Please watch for part two next week!


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