Saturday, August 22, 2015

New First New Friend

Today, I met my first new friend.  Her name is Bella, and is six years old.  She has a cat named Jack who is a year old, so she knows how to play with me.  We had so much fun!  (Mom says to please excuse the photography.  It is out of focus 'cause I move to fast!)

Friday, August 21, 2015

In the Beginning...There Was KeeKee

This is a diary of me and my new home.  Mama Lynne always told us kitties to start at the beginning, so that's where I will start. I was at a cat show where they show off different kind of cats and kittens. Some of them had really fluffy and soft fur,  and some had no fur at all.  All of these cats were lined up like soldiers, but these soldiers were in cages.  Oh sure, some were out in their person's arms walking around, while other were being judged for the best kitty, but most were in comfy cages with lots of blankets and toys. They were mostly sleeping, getting ready for their time in the spotlight.

I was in the last row, where they kept the cats up for adoption.  One by one, my litter mates started to go to their new homes.  I shared a cage with my sister.  We were sleeping, as it was a long day of being cute for the people. Then, I saw her.  She was in a chair that rolled and she looked nice.  She was following Mama Lynne down the aisle.  I knew she was going to pick a kitten; I hoped it would be me.  She said she wanted a female.  Well, I am female.  She also said that she wanted one that would get on her lap and purr the day away.  I beamed; that's what I do best!  Mama Lynne picked me up and gently put me in the lady's arms.  I figured I better do my stuff, so I purred the loudest I've ever purred in my life.  She was hooked!

They put me into this dark box that I did not like! So, I told them, in my outdoor voice, that I wanted out!  So, when we got into the car,  another lady put me in her lap and there I slept for four hours until we got to my furever home.

The Lady (Lori) that held me on the way home

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Kitty Tales has brought a new kitten home.  She is three months old and her name is KeeKee.  She is tiny, so we keep her in the kennel when the other cats are out.  We will share her antics as she grows.

Look at the face.  Don't you want to kiss that little nose?!

As we explained above, she is in the kennel for her own protection.  Mom let's her out to play when the other cats are shut in the bedroom.  The vet says to do this for about two weeks so they can sniff each other through the door and accept that each other exists in one home.

More "Wonderful World of KeeKee" to come!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kitten Bowl II

with special previews included

The Kitten Bowl II is coming!  February 1st is the big day, the time is 12/11c.  If you saw the first Kitten Bowl, you know how exciting it was. 

Kitty Tales is pleased to announce that we have the privilege of introducing the players.  We will be revealing these cuties right up until the day of the delightful event.  So, here we go with the first set of players.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Monday

We are baaaack!  Actually, this is a good day for us, as we are with you again! We missed you all, and hope that you start visiting us again.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy, happy Caturday!

We doubled the happy because we want you to have two great days of fun this weekend.