Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy, happy Caturday!

We doubled the happy because we want you to have two great days of fun this weekend.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friendship Friday ~ Special Guest Star ~ Mario

Our friend that we want acknowledge, on this Friendship Friday, is Mario, from Mario's Meowsings.  Mario has given us support throughout the years, and we would like for him to know how much we appreciate him.

As you can tell, Mario is a kick-back kind of guy; very cool, calm and collected. 
Though he rarely purrs (at least, not when M is around) he is very loveable!

He also has a cool blog called Mario's Meowsings.  Please go and visit him...and tell him that Bo and Mi sent you!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Imagine our surprise when, just out of curiosity, we typed in our "old" web address and, lo and is still here!  So, that means that we will continue to post just as long as they let us!  I hope all of our friends will come and see us!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Not Goodbye, Just So Long

It is with a sad heart that we have to relinquish this website, as  it has been impossible to reach Google to renew it.  It has been a great three years.  We love each of our friends that we have met along the way. 

We would like to invite all of our Kitty Tales (behind the scenes) friends to come visit us on our Facebook page, Kitty Tales, at We promise to entertain you with all kinds of kitties, and maybe even teach you a thing or two about cats that are not commonly known!  You can even enter in one (or all) of our weekly contests.  The prizes are small, but then sometimes fame is much better then things 'cause it lasts longer.

We refuse to say goodbye, just so long 'til we meet again!

Mew, purrs and kitty kisses,

BoBo, MiMi and human Mom, too

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

First, we will start off by apologizing to you all.  Something popped up, and Mom needed take care of it.  We are back on track this wonderful Tuesday morning with a tidbit for you to mull over.

Did You Know...

Cats do not need to blink their eyes in frequent intervals
 to keep them lubricated.  One theory for this, is that cats eyes have evolved as such in order to help them to hunt.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friendship Friday Memorial ~ Queen Dizzy

One of Kitty Tales favorite readers, crossed over Rainbow Bridge, earlier this week. We love Queen Dizzy, as if she were our own. Our hearts go out to her human mama, Diane. Diane is writing a book, and this is an excerpt of the chapter called "Dizzy". All praise the Queen!

This is a part of the chapter called Dizzy for a book I am writing. I thought it was the best way to share about my little Queen. One day, I thought long and hard about adopting a cat. I used to train in martial arts at a studio which was located a few blocks away from the Calgary Humane Society in their former North West location. Before practice one day, I visited and was allowed to go into their enclosure where a mommy cat had been abandoned with her 4 kittens. I feel in love sitting there playing with mom and her babies and one of them, a little cutie playing nonstop completely stole my heart. She was so cute. She was multicolored like her mom and a little kitty that seemed to somehow act like she was a bit dizzy. She would fall over for no reason, spin around like mad and again fall over and repeat the routine. It was then I felt she has picked me. The only problem was, her little collar was blue, meaning she was a male and he was already spoken for. I couldn’t believe it. Just when I thought I had felt a smile on my face for the first time in months, the wind got knocked out of me in sadness and yet, I couldn’t let go of the thought of adopting this little creature. The next day, I went back to visit. I wanted to adopt them all, including mom but I knew 5 cats were never going to be allowed in my building, although management had been willing to accept one.

It was while I was in the play area with mom and her kitten that I notice how very “female” looking my favorite little one looked. I’m not sure if this is true in hindsight, but I guess all I knew was that I wanted to adopt her, or rather, she wanted to adopt me. I spent a lot of time with this mini calico baby and I started arguing the fact that she was a female with the staff on duty that day. I knew she had already found a home and would be going to her new family as soon as she was medically released but there was something in me that couldn’t let go. After speaking with the staff relentlessly, I managed to convince one of the ladies to take her to one of their doctors to have her checked over. Sure enough, she was a she, not a he. As it turns out, her new family didn’t want to adopt a female cat. They wanted a boy and they picked one of her brothers. She was then available for adoption and that day, I became Dizzy’s mom. The name came easy to me. She did look dizzy with her funny playing ways and it was just when we filled out the paperwork that her name became official. I had no doubts. I had no reservations. Dizzy had picked me. We were going to be heading home the next day, for the first of many years to come. When I first took Dizzy home, I stopped by the martial arts studio to visit Mark, my instructor. With her beautiful looks, I introduced him to Dizzy and he smiled so bright, I knew she would be a little cat who would make everyone happy. I still don`t know why all of it was so magical, but it simply felt like I had just won the lottery.
I was proud of my new status as a pet parent and I was determined to help Dizzy be healthy, happy and a content pet. Our first walk together in my apartment building was a proud moment. I carried her in a pretty little cat carrier I had just purchased that day. As we entered my condo, there was, to the right, a front entrance closet with mirrored doors. This was the first time Dizzy saw herself in the mirror and she may have just found her best friend. She played with her reflection for a long while before she realized there were 900 other square feet she could explore, and she explored them all. It was an event to watch go so fast, and yet still interrogate each and every room as if she was putting them all under a very lengthy audition. She was already the boss of our home. She was the Queen of her new castle. Queen Dizzy was home. 

July 17th, 2014 

This morning, 20 years after adopting Dizzy, she passed away peacefully in my arms. We spent the last few hours of her life cuddling and I’m blessed I had time to look into her pretty eyes and tell her about everything she means to me. It has been my privilege to be Dizzy’s mom and I will miss her... most of all....R.I.P Queen Dizzy.